Digging deep. 

So as you’ve read earlier, the starter motor went on the van as we tried to get off the Eurostar, 350 euros to replace, hopefully we’ll get that back through the warranty. 

While we were over there I also noticed the turbo wasn’t doing much and there was a horrible grinding when you turned right. I’d noticed the grinding before we left and put it down to a trashed gator which was replaced, didn’t fix the issue. 

The day after we got home I took the van to Wayne’s, after a bit of investigation he concluded it was the drive shaft at fault so it was replaced, you can see the nice new gator fitted to the old drive shaft which was a bit of waste of time and money, such is life. 

Below you can see all the crap inside the drive shaft that was grinding about. 


As it turned out not to be the gator Wayne fitted earlier he put the drive shaft on and didn’t charge for labour which was nice, it sorted the issue. 

The turbo problem was down to the MAF sensor, replaced that and all is well. 

This round of repairs has cost almost 500 quid though I hope to get over half of that back from the warranty claim. The point of this post is just to demonstrate that whilst the dream of owning a camper van is often a romantic one, the reality is a continual financial investment that never stops, I dread to think how much a classic camper costs to keep on the road, the price tag to buy one is enough to make your eyes water! 

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