Swivel seat install

One of our requirements is to have a space we can all eat at or hang out at if the weather is terrible or as we like to call it in the UK, summer.

To achieve this it made sense to remove the bench seat, replace it with a single seat, put swivel plates on the driver and passenger seat and then re use the bench seat for the kids.

Sourcing a single passenger seat and seat base for a sprinter is an expensive business, they are stupidly priced, often just a used base on it’s own is £100.00 and a used seat upwards of £150.00. Handily I found a seat and base for £30.00 on gumtree, I had to pay £70.00 for it to be delivered and it has some slight damage but honestly, that’s a proper bargain.

I ordered these swivel bases from Jacksons leisure and they arrived next day.

First thing to do is whip out the bench seat and set aside, in the garage for mine.

When you take out the bench seat you’ll find a couple of cables attached to it you have to unclip, one of the cables is a seatbelt pre tensioner sensor and if left disconnected will register a fault light on your dash. To prevent this, if you have a 906 sprinter get one one of these 3.3ohm resistors and solder it to the cable, no fault light, tried and tested.

Replace the bench seat base with a single base and swivel plate.

Then bolt your seat on

It was at this point I realised that I had been sent two of the same swivel plates so I couldn’t fit the drivers side until the following weekend, the process is largely the same with the addition of fitting a bracket that lowers the the handbrake.

Over the course of two weekends we eventually has two swivel seats.

The are good things and bad things about the bases.

The good things are that the swivel point is slightly off centre so when you swivel the seat it moves toward the inside of the cab and there is less catching on doors and dashboards, there is also a mount point on the swivel base for the seatbelt so that doesn’t get all tangled up when you swivel the seat.

The bad thing is that the bottom plastic moulding of the seat fouls the lower swivel plate and seat base unless you crank up the seat height adjustment to full or trim the moulding, it doesn’t seem to make it over the handbrake either. Not the end of the world but I seem to forget this every time I swivel the chair and it’s only a matter of time before I break the plastic moulding, maybe i’ll give it a trim.