Plymouth 2014

We bought Bumblebee at the beginning of Autumn and the first thing we did was get the rust sorted, while that was going on I notched up a shopping list of stuff for the van. Amongst this list were 2 x MG ZS black and yellow leather seats, pick up only from Plymouth and so our first nights proper camping in the van was scheduled.

To be honest, there’s not much to report, we drove to Plymouth (horrific traffic) and stayed at The Riverside camp site which was very nice, good facilities and many older folk, great if you wanted a good nights sleep and to say good morning a hundred times the next day, i’m alright with that.

Here’s the van on our pitch next to a big tree.

The Van

We met friends for dinner the night we arrived, then the following day we had a walk round the Citadel area, visited Saltram which was well worth a look, ran over a dog (it was fine), picked up our seats from the mother and son equivalent of the Steptoes and headed home.

This was our first night properly camping in the van, it was great, thermal curtains, duvet and onesies kept us nice and toastie. We did learn that if you want tea in bed first thing in the morning then it’s best to get the tea making facilities out prior to folding out the bed as the cupboard said facilities reside in is unreacheable once the bed is deployed. Also the fridge didn’t work so my beers were warm but that has now been fixed.

All in all a great success and the first of many adventures.

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