LPG Install

We’ve decided to install an LPG tank in this van, originally it was to support a 3 way fridge, hob and some kind of gas heating system but the latter is now powered by diesel.

The nice thing about installing an LPG tank is it can be mounted under the vehicle and doesn’t need a box or storage area around it so frees up more room in the van.

After a bit of research I felt confident to place an order with Auto Gas 2000 and bought this specific sprinter kit, as stated it arrived the very next day.

Reading through the instructions there is mention of painting the gas tank with anti chip paint..



While the stone chip paint was drying I set about installing the brackets under the van.



And for no reason at all a picture of yours truly under the van

You need a fairly decent sized drill bit to get right through the cross member, off the top of my head I can’t remember the diameter but it needs to be at least 120mm long.

Once the brackets are in you can fit the tank, it is easier with two people but can be done with one.


As you can see the tank is right next to the exhaust pipe and a handy heat shield is supplied, I didn’t realise what this was until Chris from Autogas nearly sent me another one free of charge.

I opted for the sill fit filler however once it was installed and I proudly showed Lauren my work she was convinced it would be knocked off somehow.

I went back to Chris for an alternative solution and again he kindly explained I could install a fill point in the B pillar just behind the drivers seat, I didn’t make the prettiest job of it but it is installed and Lauren is happy.

At the time I installed this I hadn’t run any of the gas lines into the van, i’ll cover that in a separate post about the kitchen.

I cannot recommend Autogas 2000 highly enough, a full kit for my van with comprehensive instructions, amazing support throughout the install of the kit and making sure the delivery company brought it in to the house and left where Lauren wanted it as she was heavily pregnant and forbidden from lifting heavy stuff!