Table stow

The van came with a table, one of those ones that has one leg and hooks on rails. It’s always lived behind the drivers seat but recently I decided to add some ventilation outlets for the fridge which meant i’d need to find somewhere else to store the table.

To be honest, we rarely use it, sometimes in winter, almost never in summer, however as soon as you take it out of the van and not on an adventure you’ll want it.

After a bit of research I bought a kit that allows you to stow the table against some kind of surface, either the back of a chair or in my case, the tailgate.

It took no more than 20 minutes to fit, i did it on my own and fitted it with the tailgate up in the air.

Below is all the brackets fitted without the table stowed.


With the table stowed.


And a view from the back so you can see whether you’ll bang your head or not.


£12.50 well spent in my opinion!