Cobb BBQ

We were inspired to buy a Cobb BBQ from another blog we read about a couple who went on a road trip to Ibiza, they bought a Cobb and described it as one of the best things they have ever bought !

This is what a cobb looks like:


Essentially, there is a compartment inside where you put your fuel which can be either the cobb made cobblestones or heat beads work well too, you would need some kind of firelighter to get the heat beads going whereas the cobblestones light without any need for a firelighter.

An handy thing for lighting the cobblestones is turbo flame stick, we bought from ebay, works a treat.


The great thing about this is that it’s portable and doesn’t have massive flames leaping all over the place so you could get away with using it somewhere that BBQ’s might not be permitted.

You can also pick it up when it’s fully on the go as the outside base remains cool.

Around the fire basket is a moat which catches all the fat of the food that is cooking so no flare ups, you can also fill the moat with liquid such as beer, wine or water to make your meats really juicy when they are cooking, alternatively you could fill the moat with vegetables you want to roast.

We bought the kitchen in a box version which has frying pans, woks, chicken racks and all sorts, pretty much everything you would need if you wanted to cook on the road.

Apprently you can cook pizza and bake a cake on a cobb as well as all the other things you would traditionally cook on a BBQ.

Our first experience of using the Cobb was to bake a cake, it was way to cold and wet for any BBQ action. The cake guide we sort of followed suggested we use 3 heat beads as fuel to heat the oven, as I mentioned, the weather was mental, they were a pain to light and once we did eventually get them lit they couldn’t cope with the extreme weather and failed to heat the Cobb to any real degree.

Luckily I had also packed some cobblestones which I had absolute faith in, bit of a pain to light in windy conditions so you are better off putting the cobb in the van, shutting the door and going at the cobblestone with with one of those BBQ lighter things.

The cobblestones are great, when they light they fizz like sparklers and within just over a minute it’s burning away and ready to cook. We set the cobb outside, let it heat up and about ten minutes later we put the cake in.

We made a banana cake as opposed to a sponge cake as the guide we followed baked.

I can’t tell you how long the cake was in for but I can tell you we had a few drinks, I don’t think the cake was in much longer than about 30 mins and we burnt the base, those cobblestones are fierce!

The rest of the cake cooked fine so we cut off the burnt bit on the base, melted some chocolate and topped the cake, here it is below.


It tasted great and absolutley no BBQ flavour to it.

The cobb is a wonderful thing, at the time of writing British summer time is on the horizon and we can’t wait to cook more on our cobb.

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