Bench Seat Relocation

The bench seat that came with the van is to be re purposed in the back of the van to create a seating area, first thing to consider was the seatbelt. When travelling, two young children in their car seats need to be safely strapped in so I put Lollys dad Ian in charge of his grandchildrens safety, no pressure!

The original bench seat seatbelt is fastened to the b pillar, where the bench seat was to be situated there is no b pillar. I bought a 3 point seat belt and using all his excellent engineering skills Ian made a bracket to attach the seatbelt to..

The bracket is made out of steel angle and fixed using some hefty bolts and spreader plates  to the original seat base, it’s not going anywhere.

Both seat belts work as the should and will securely hold the car seats, the next job was to fix the seat to the van.

We had a rough idea where the seat needed to go, however before the seat was fitted I had a floor to install which is covered in another post.

Once the floor was installed we (Ian) fitted the seat, a wooden step was made to tilt the seat to a comfortable angle and then drilled though so bolts could be fitted through to the underneath of the van, again spreader plates were used to ensure the bolts don’t rip through the floor in the event of a collision.

With the addition of a table the seating area looks really quite nice and will easily accommodate the four of us, very happy with it, so is Lolly 🙂

I would have been lost without Ian’s help, there are somethings I can do on my own, this is not one of them, thank you Ian…