Every build starts somewhere…

So after months or for some years of thinking about buying a van, trawling the web weighing up all the pros and cons of different vehicles, searching ebay, pistonheads and anywhere else you might look to find a van you finally bite the bullet, part with you cash, drive home your van, stand back and admire your purchase, now what?

For us and many others like us the first job was to remove all the installed panelling and flooring to see what horrors lay beneath..



All told not too bad, a couple of rust spots here and there which I treated with Kurust, just chuck it on, let it do it’s thing and then paint over..

Once that was done a good sweep and hoover out and the floor is good to go. I see countless videos or blog entries of people painting their floors for no explainable reason, seems a bit pointless to me when you’re just going to cover it with ply, lino or whatever you put down…

Top Tip.

If you are using a W906 sprinter as a base vehicle and you have the factory floor fitted you’ll come across these..

They have generally been done up as tight as possible from the beginning of time and are an absolute bastard to get out with the hex bolt head usually rounding off, do yourself a favour and give them a good douse with WD40 the night before you intend to take them out, will make your life a lot easier than mine!

Don’t throw away the floor either, it’s cut to the exact size you need and made from decent ply, handy for fixing to later in your build…