About Us

We are a family of four who outgrew our VW camper van (Bumblebee) and now have a self built Mercedes Sprinter.

We used to love going on missions, getting slightly lost, making sandwiches for the journey, having a brew in the van, wild camping and finding adventures, Covid pretty much put a stop to most of that and the only missions we seem to have these days is the ridiculous amount of packing to go anywhere in the van.

At the time writing Covid appears to be on the wane or at least the world is learning to live with it, hopefully this means international travel will be back to where it used to be and we can get out of the UK on some foreign excursions. In the meantime we’ll be doing our usual UK trips which I will try to write up more of and share.

The author of this blog can be contacted at the following address:


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