LED Tailgate Lights

VW Heritage sent me a couple of products to review, one of which was these jazzy LED Tailgate lights, you can find them in the VW Heritage store here.


As you can seem they’re a bit different to the standard lights.



The one thing they didn’t come with is a fitting guide, so I thought I would write one.

They are a doddle to fit and can be done in under an hour.

First things first, remove the old lights, there are three nuts you need to undo with a socket wrench, there isn’t enough room to get a spanner in there, once they are undone the light cover can be pushed out and the bulb holder unclipped.


This was easy enough to do on this side, it also allowed my to take a picture of the rear earth point which after I took this photo is where my split charge kit is now correctly earthed to!


The other side was a proper pain in the arse, below the RnR bed the previous owner fitted a frame with a pull down hatch which is great for when you want to hide from view all the stuff you stow under the bed, it doesn’t leave you much room to get to the lights…

Once I removed the frame I could get to the other light and remove it.


Above is the back of the new LED lights, you can see the three bolts that you need to undo when you are taking the old lights off and you can also see coming from the LED board a wire with a connector on the end.

This needs to plug into your bulb holder, you remove the old brake light bulb and plug this into it, it’s the hole on the left in the photo below.


You need to replace the indicator bulb with the supplied orange one,it goes in the hole at the top, I thought it didn’t fit and i’d been sent the wrong bulb, I hadn’t and it did fit.

Before you put everything back, turn your ignition on and test your lights, if all is well do the reverse to taking them out and you’ll have a nice set of lights fitted to your van.