Thank you. 

 It always amazes me that when I write something about our adventures some of our readers like it, even more amazing is people we have never met choose to follow our exploits.

 I have zero writing skills and if you met me in person you’d know I write pretty much as I speak, a south London bloke from Croydon with a slightly cockney accent. 

I enjoy it, I like getting our adventures out of my head and into the blog.  As well as it being nice that people like what I write, I then get to explore what they have written as naturally, I’m curious about the liker. When I visit their site, sometimes I learn something, sometimes I laugh, others take me into a new direction researching something I’d never heard of until I’d just read about it. 

This blog, my readers and the WordPress community have opened up a new world to me and I really like it, thank you. 

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