Where did the sun go ?

So here in the UK summer is no more and we are heading into autumn. I like autumn, it’s a great time to walk and admire the changing scenery, especially from a photography perspective. It’s also at this time of year we light the fire in our front room, start making Sunday roasts and put the garden furniture away for the coming winter.

The weather doesn’t however stop us heading out in the van, one of the things we love doing is driving to a National Trust site, having a wander about and coming back to the van for a brew, our off road bikes usually get an outing or three as well, Peaslake is great in the Autumn.

Since we got back from France our weekends have been pretty full on with van adventures at a minimum, we did a bike ride round Bewl Water and that’s about it.

Nothing much has changed on the van either, it’s running just fine which is great, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke….

Our next adventure on foreign shores however has been booked.

We are off to Bruges for the Christmas markets and Lollys birthday (picture borrowed from google).


It’s quicker to drive from Croydon to Bruges than it is to drive from Croydon to Manchester so we will be heading and staying there in Bumblebee.

The only concessions I have made for sleeping in the van in lower temperatures are a couple of hot water bottles and a onsie each, oh, and an electric heater that runs off the hook up, can’t be any worse than the Scotland trip.

We will be staying at  site called Camping Memling a short distance out of town, it has favourable reviews on trip advisor and is well priced, we’ll use the bikes to get about and we’ll pack our skates too as there’s a massive ice rink in the town square, I’m proper excited (especially about the beer)and so is Lolly who loves everything Christmas, December can’t come soon enough!

4 thoughts on “Where did the sun go ?

  1. Stayed at Camping Melming a couple of months ago, we walked into the city – about half an hour, maybe 40 minutes to the gates. There was a cycle lane all the way too I think (and a bus). Enjoy, it’s a fantastic place, should be quite magical with the Christmas market 🙂


  2. I visited in December last year, and it was absolutely lovely! There was just a fraction of the crowds that are there in the summer, and we didn’t have to queue for anything! There are a couple of different Christmas markets too, and the one in Grote Markt had an ice rink (fingers crossed for the same this year!). Absolutely loved it, hope you do too!


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