Le fantastique!

We were recovered to a little place near Bolougne where we met three nice dogs and a receptionist dressed like a hooker. Once they had been paid by my recovery policy they dropped us off to E.R.A garage who emptied our tank and got us going again, the mechanics complete disregard for health and safety whilst emptying the tank was really quite refreshing. 

We had a four hour drive ahead which went fine, no lasting damage to the van it seems so that’s all good, we are now in a quite nice Aire called La Bidonniere with a view of Le Mont St Michel on the horizon, we met another couple in a T4, Dickie, Julia and their dog honey and after they day we’d had the only thing to do was get drunk so we did. 


They sell a local beer which is a quite like lager, suited me fine!

The sunset was lovely and in the picture Lauren took below you can see Le Mont St Michel to the right. 

 After a good nights sleep we’re off on the bikes to see the mount, then we drive to Il De Re and hopefully the sunshine!! 

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