I Love Hard Beats

Many moons ago I used to DJ in the rave scene, I don’t play out so much these days but every now and again someone remembers me, wonders what I am up to and books me for an event which is nice.

This year (2014) it was the boys at Munted, next year the I Love Hard Beats crew have booked me to play b2b with my old mucka K-Komplex, we’ll be playing crazy rave music, Freeform for those of you who don’t know what we play along with a whole host of excellent, talented and bonkers artists, most notably Kevin Energy who is making a return to the platters that matter after a well deserved rest..

Full details and hype surrounding the event can be found here and below is a nice picture of the e-flyer, come along, let your hair down, wave your hands in the air and maybe get a little bit wobbly, go on, you know you want to !!


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