Craig Davison and Syd

Whilst in Bath we came across 2 artists who’s work is just awesome.

First up is a guy called Craig Davison, what stopped me in my tracks was the picture below which was hanging in a gallery.


Once you work out what’s going on it’s a great concept and brilliantly executed, if you would like to see more of his work and I recomnmend you do, click here, there is so much to see, if I was a millionaire i’d buy one of everything !

The second artist we came across was a guy called Syd, (Luke Hollingworth), a rural based ‘street and field’ artist  who retired to his garden shed a few years back as the ass end fell out of the economy in 2008. He runs a business called the Stencil Shed and does some awesome stencil work on wood, brickwork, all sorts of stuff, I bought a postcard of the below


You can visit the Stencil Shed here

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