A very lazy day

The morning after my birthday we woke up late, partly due to me not turning in till 2.30 am and also because the bed we were in was super comfy. 

We hung out for most of the day at Dans, I made brunch for all that wanted some and then helped Dan with some network stuff for the new flat.  The weather was drizzly so hanging about inside wasn’t the worst thing to do. Eventually the drizzle stopped and the sun poked its head out so we decided to make tracks, we thanked Dan and Bec for looking after us, jumped in the van and drove to St Catherine’s lighthouse in Niton. 

You can look around the lighthouse but it was closing just as we arrived which was a shame, there is a path to the right of the lighthouse that takes you along the coastline so we walked along for a bit admiring the view, in the distance we could see some surfers catching waves so we found a spot to sit down on and watched them for a bit. 

You can just about see the the surfers in the picture above, I didn’t realise you could surf on the island.

The sun continued to shine so we both agreed it would be a good idea to have a BBQ and watch the sunset, the last time we were here two years ago our sunset was hampered by cloud and rain, not this time! We stopped off at the village shop near to our campsite, bought some goodies and headed off to a car park that overlooks the sea for some car park dining, within no time at all our trusty cobb BBQ was on the go with sausages and halloumi sizzling away much to the admiration of others that came to watch the sun go down.

As we ate our food the sun began to fall into the sea and we were treated to a quite spectacular sunset.

After the sun went down we drove back to Grange Farm and settled down with a movie, Hacksaw Ridge, if you haven’t seen it watch it, an incredible true story of bravery and the power of faith.

Le Cycle

We decided to ride to a lighthouse not too far from where we are staying, it’s called Phare De Baleines. 

The ride took about 20 minutes or so, nothing tiring. 

The great thing about this lighthouse is you can go in it, all the way to top which is awesome. Lolly and I consider ourselves reasonably fit which is a good job as there’s a whole load of stairs to climb. 

In what seemed like no more than a couple of minutes we were at the top enjoying the view. 

All around the lighthouse there is lots of information which I’m sure is very interesting but it’s all in French which is no good to me as I’m lazy and only speak English with a hint of poor Spanish. 

We descended from the top and on my way down couldn’t help think of my mate Quincy at work, he’d be bricking it coming down these steps, not a fan of heights!

There is a beach below and we took a wander along that for a while before laying down and soaking up some sun watching the tide come in really quickly. It was at this point I insisted Lolly took a picture of me in the awesome tshirt she made so I could show you all, it’s marvellous!

All around the approach to the light house are gift shops and restaurants, all the restaurants were all heaving so we bugged out to find somewhere else to eat. 

After riding around in circles for ages we eventually game to a little town square. 


After a quick walk about we found a nice restaurant, got a table and found we had missed lunch so settled for a cocktail and beer. 

We thought we might find a beach bar that did snacks so we jumped on the bikes and headed up the coast, we didn’t find any bars but we did find some ruins from WW2, they look like gun placements installed by the Germans to defend the coast, thankfully they look a lot less menacing than in their heyday but a reminder that even this peaceful and idyllic island was touched by the horror of war. 


  We left this beach and made for home discussing what to have for dinner, we came across a supermarket, bought some local beer, pork chops and Turkey fillets and unanimously decided on a beach BBQ. 

Lauren seasoned up the meat,  packed up the Cobb, tongs and all the other manly beach things I would need and we set off.  
Right behind where we are staying there is a beach that looks rubbish when the tide is out, when it’s in the place is completely transformed, we found ourselves a little a spot and got cooking. 

There is a sign that says no bbqs which we completely ignored, the Cobb we use is pretty contained so it’s no real threat to dry shrubland behind us. 

As the sun went down so did the temperature and we huddled up covered in blankets, hoodies and looking generally like a couple of beach hobos. 

The food was great, there was hardly anyone on the beach and the sunset was spectacular, as good as any Ibiza sunset!

We covered a lot of ground in a day and I’d put strava on to see how far we’d been, I didn’t think it was that far!