Volksweald 2022

After a couple of years absence due to a pesky global pandemic we were back at Volksweald this weekend.

It’s literally just down the road from us and not expensive either, 30 quid an adult for the weekend camping and kids up to 16 are free. As readers of this blog know we no longer actually have a veedub but that doesn’t stop us visiting the veedub festivals, especially this one as it’s so nice.

The weather was proper hot so i spent most of the weekend hanging out under this tree and didn’t visit the festival bit till Sunday, well actually I did go out on the Friday night but i was a bit worse for the wear alcohol wise so I have no recollection of it.

There is loads of cool stuff going on like a show and shine, live music, clothes, food and car jumble stalls but i was literally stuck under a shady tree till the Sunday!

It was lovely to hang out with good friends and of course as a family, on the Sunday we ventured out and had a wander round the festival, bought a couple of pints from the inflatable pub and visited the grounds of Penshurst place.

We were literally the last people to leave from the field we were in and nobody chased us out, just leave when you are ready which is nice.

One the way out I got a photo of the van by Penshurst place, i feel the van needs some campervan graphics of some description!