This has nothing to do with camper vans or travel but I wanted to share this with you all.

Meet our cat Terence, she’s about a year and a half old and a she’s a Turkish Angora, we have never met a cat that is so up for being picked up, stroked or brushed, she is awesome.

I was off sick yesterday and was watching a movie when I could hear all this commotion going on next door, turns out the cat had a mouse, it also turns out the cat has consience as she couldn’t quite bring herself to kill the mouse, she had it for long enough to allow me to grab my phone and get the picture below, shortly after the mouse evaded the clutches of Terence and lived to see another day !

Terence final

Good news for the stray cats of Ibiza!

Good news for cats, the mayor has seen sense !

Ibiza Random

good news stray

For the last few days, all of the cat-lovers (indeed, all of the compassionate people) of Ibiza have been on tenterhooks.

We got word that the Mayor of San Juan, in the north of Ibiza, had given permission for a cat-cull (a “trap and kill” initiative) to take place in the areas of San Juan, San Miguel, San Lorenzo and San Vicente, due to commence in the next few days.

My good friend and editor, Cat Milton, broke the news to me during a business lunch in San Juan as we both fussed over the sweet-looking fella pictured above. He posed perfectly for Cat to photograph him as the awful realisation dawned that, should this cull go ahead, he would be one of many to lose his life. He may not have a home, but he is well-loved by the locals, who feed him and look out for him. He…

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